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Times new roman font for ubuntu 12.04

times new roman font for ubuntu 12.04

When Web designers consider their Linux users needs at all, they commonly assume that Linux users have access to the same core fonts that Windows users have, and that a font stack designed for Windows users covers their Linux users, also.
Narrow Sans-Serif font-family: "Liberation Sans "Nimbus Sans L "FreeSans "Helvetica Neue Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; Wide Sans-Serif font-family: "DejaVu Sans "Bitstream Vera Sans Geneva, Verdana, sans-serif; Narrow Serif font-family: "Liberation Serif "Nimbus Roman No 9 L "FreeSerif "Hoefler Text Times, "Times New Roman serif; "Antique" Serif.
Using Linux Fonts in Web Design Now we come.
Poll recommends Libertine primarily lucas oil in worn manual transmission gears for print work, and says other Linux fonts such as Deja Vu Serif work better for screen displays.This is not the case.In most not all cases, these fonts work perfectly well on Windows and Mac machines as well.Gentium is still waiting to catch on among Linux (and other) users.In contrast, the two survey put the percentage of Mac users between 5 and.Serif fonts: Georgia and Times New Roman, monospace fonts: Andale Mono and Courier New, fantasy fonts: Impact and Webdings.Windows users have Bookman Old Style, a close approximation; some Mac users have either the Adobe or Windows version.Liberation Fonts Originally distributed by Red Hat in 2007, there are three flavors: Liberation Sans, which emulates Arial, Helvetica, Nimbus Sans L, and to a lesser extent Bitstream Vera Sans/DejaVu Sans Liberation Serif, which emulates Times New Roman, Nimbus Roman, and to a lesser extent.

A sans-serif font called Linux Biolinum is in development, but isnt touted as suitable for large blocks of text; think Trebuchet MS instead of, say, Verdana though the font is less decorative.
Luxi Fonts The Luxi family of True Type fonts (formerly known as the Lucidux font family) was originally designed for the X Window System.
As with so many other aspects chevrolet manual owner tahoe 2008 of Web design, Linux users are expected to tag along behind the Windows and Mac crowd, doing the best they can with the fonts they have.Do Khac Kien IT - Vietconsult International Corp Address: 5th Floor - TDL Building - 22 Lang Ha - Ha Noi Email:software8x at m Email Outlook :dk-kien at Phone: Fax: Mobile.This package contains transformations to TrueType (.ttf).Please recall that because so many different Linux distros exist, with so many different fonts included with them, to cover our Linux bases fairly completely, we have to use several Linux fonts in our stacks.If youre going to include one Linux font in your font stack, you should include two or three more to make sure you hit all the (main) bases.If youre coding with any of the top five fonts, chances are its this one, or a variant thereof.Charis Another SIL International production, Charis is a stylized serif True Type font designed to approximate the appearance of Bitstream Charter, a font found on most Linux machines but not on many Windows or Mac computers.You can make an outsized impact among the small but highly engaged community of Linux users making use of your designs, and you can do it without disturbing the typographic sensibilities of your Windows and Mac users.