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Smith corona sd 680 manual

smith corona sd 680 manual

Both have defects in the Toner Fixing unit (Fuser roller?).
HP LaserJet error code 51 "On self-test, pulls in paper, pauses, indicates "51 err." Then pulls paper through mechanism while "02 warming up" is displayed.
The pinout seems to be: Pins 1,2 T101 current sense transformer secondary Pins 3,4 RL101 relay coil Pins 5,6 Solid State relay (SSR101) input (6 ve) Pin 7 Fan control Pin 8 Fuser drive from the DC controller Pin 9 Ground Pin 10.The SX cartridge is easy to dismantle.Some rubbers are attacked by oil-based solvents (like chloroprene but these rubbers are selected for different purposes (like extended service in water).Take off the fuser roller, and please don'ts scratch.The big question is can I take the heater from one, and place it in the roller of the other?In the case of the person walking across the room, the charge is discharged when they touch a metal object such as a light switch cover or door knob.

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The 47R sacrificial resistor in the fuser lamp relay circuit (I think it's there to stop the control circuit holding the lamp on permanently) has also gone open circuit.
Then you can remove the 4 screws that hold the fuser in place, lift it up a bit, and free the heater wiring from the channel in the baseplate.
HP LaserJet II triac replacement (From: John.) We have been replacing these with a SK10466 (800 V, 8 A, Vgt 2 V, Igt 50 mA).The fuser must be removed prior to removing the AC block.HP LaserJet IIp won't go past 'warm up' "I have an HP IIP that goes through the "05 Self Test" mode but hangs when it gets to "02 Warm." The only thing I ever hear run is the fan.On the back of the printer, remove any optional I/O card (HP JetDirect, Appletalk, etc) that may be installed next to the normal Centronics data port.Then there's a click from the power supply (or around there and the light goes off.If not email me and I will send you one.If the distance between successive images is equal to the circumference of one of the fuser rollers, then the fusing may not be complete due to damaged rollers or an incorrect temperature setting.How similar are theses two machines?Developer is made up of iron filings.Every time I look at the driving-mechanism and move it with my hand, but it all seems to work fine.