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Pocket guide to tcp/ip socket programming in c pdf

pocket guide to tcp/ip socket programming in c pdf

A TCP socket is not a connection, it is the endpoint of a specific connection.
I mean "completely, unambiguously and uniquely identifies".
Parse_ipv6_address(Address) - ok, IPv6Address error, einval Types: Address string IPv6Address ip_address Parses an IPv6 address string and returns an ip6_address.Errors top eafnotsupport Passed socket address type in sin_family was not AF_inet.This is not used to bound the size of the send buffer declared using SO_sndbuf on a socket.It means that if overflow occurred due to a burst, the connection will recover.Senders that are suspended because of either a busy message queue or a busy socket are resumed when the socket message queue and the socket are not busy.Warning On Windows, the data is fetched from different OS arcade games console for tv API functions, so the Netmask and Broadaddr values can be calculated, just as some Flag values.TCP supports urgent data.Exit_on_close, Boolean This option is set to true by default.If you come across an interface with multiple flag or hwaddr tuples, you have a strange interface or possibly a bug in this function.

Subsequent operation of the TCP protocol will once again enter/leave quickack mode depending on internal protocol processing and factors such as delayed ack timeouts occurring and data transfer.
The last six lines of the output contain two examples of the fact that address and port are not enough to uniquely identify a socket.
This value overwrites the initial default buffer size from the generic global defined for all protocols.For a list of available options, see setopts/2.Tcp_max_orphans (integer; default: see below; since Linux.4) The maximum number of orphaned (not attached to any user file handle) TCP sockets allowed in the system.RFC 1323 for TCP timestamp and window scaling options.For more information, see options high_watermark, high_msgq_watermark, and low_msgq_watermark.