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Ford transmission service manual identification

ford transmission service manual identification

Nowadays, one of the best higher performance add-ons for the FMX type transmission is an auxiliary cooler mounted with the radiator, to help prevent the transmission fluid from overheating under hard use.
Synchro linings on 3rd, 4th were improved by changing to carbon fiber to further improve shifting.
This book covers the Ford C3, C4, C5, C6, AOD, ATX, FLC and axod Transmissions.
C4 (bellhousing pattern (removable) - 4 Cylinder, Small Block, 385-series) Style an Fill 24-5/16 16-3/4 19-1/2 5-9/16 N/A Case Fill 30-19/32 18-1/8 20-1/2 5-9/16 N/A Case Fill with Pan Fill TC 5-9/16 N/A C6 (bellhousing pattern - Small Block, FE Big Block, 385-series) Style.
The "Z" spec In about 1993 Ford started offering a new service unit to the motorsport crowd: the "Z" spec T-5.AMC used a multi-pattern bellhousing from the late 1970s through83 which had patterns drilled for T-96, T-14/T-4, T-5 and SR-4.The T-5 was optional on any AMC T-4 application and should use the same bellhousing (also shared with the SR-4 and 150-T).It's definitely the right shape for a GM bolt pattern, although its not drilled.Jeep T-90 gear ratios: (CJ version).98.66.00 N/A (Rev.) PU version).44.85.00 N/A (Rev.) T-90-J.798.551.00.798 (Rev.) edit T-96 It was a heavy-duty option behind the 196 engine only, base tranny was the T-96.The T-89 also was used with OD in the V8 torque tube cars.The WC boxes are the only ones worthy of performance applications, but they still exhibit a couple of weak areas.

The other T-17X trannies differed only in gear ratios.
AMC used a multi-pattern bellhousing from the late 1970s to '83 which had patterns drilled for T-96, T-14/T-4, T-5, and SR-4.
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Gear Ratios:. (Rev.) edit T-15A No info edit T-18 The Jeep T-98 has a very similar appearance to the T-18 except a casting number of T98.
Big engine Fords have.375" x 10 spline input and 31 spline output shaft.The T-14 was used in all others with the 232 cid inline.T-10 4-speed ratios Series Used in First Second Third CC.88:1.91:1.33:1 EE.88:1.74:1.22:1 EE.43:1.34:1.13:1 OD.23:1.23:1.94:1 P AMC.43:1 1:76:1 1:46:1 Q Ford.64:1.10:1.60:1 S AMC/GM.43:1.61:1.23:1.1-1/8" 10 spline input shaft and 1-3/8" 6 spline output shaft.The Iron Duke.5L and the AMC 150 cid equipped Jeeps all have a hydraulic clutch assembly, as does super street fighter iv save editor the Cherokee and Wrangler sixes (GM.8,.0,.2).Only difference is depth of the bellhousing and consequently the length of the transmission input shaft.The upgraded T-10 used by AMC in 1973-'74 was also known as the "Super T-10" in reaction to GM switching to Muncie.Edit AMC T-10 ratios 2:23 "V" has 5 grooves on input shaft 2:43 "P" has 4 grooves on input shaft 2:43 "S" has 1 groove on input shaft (Super T-10) 2:64 "T" has 3 grooves on input shaft Some cases also have a machined boss.1979-newer T18s used a three-fork shift cover assembly that shifts reverse gear directly.AMC T-5 front bearing retainer is GM size, as is input shaft.