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Edelbrock carburetor owner's manual

edelbrock carburetor owner's manual

Manuals are downloaded as PDF files.
Time the acceleration with a stopwatch.
Keep going in the lean direction until there is no change or slower, then back up one stage richer so that you stay with the richer of any two levels of calibration that have the same power.
Link is as follows:.Resources such as carburetor FAQs, installation instructions, tech discussion, carb, owners Manual, and videos are available at a click of the mouse.Basically a refined and updated version of the AFB, dubbed the Performer, these carburetors have a number of unique design features.On our truck a surging condition during moderate acceleration was cured with a lighter spring.Holley 1940 Carburetor Manual, holley 2110 Carburetor Manual, holley 2300 Corvette Tripple Carburetors.Fuel pressure or float levels that are too low will cause the engine to run lean, too high and the engine will run rich or flood.Stay at the first no change level, so that you remain within the richer of any two levels of calibration that have the same power.If adjustments are necessary, carefully bend the arm on the float with needle nose pliers.Holley 2300 Carburetor Manual, holley 2300 Carburetor Rebuild Manual - from a 1962 repair manual.These counterweighted flaps above the secondary throttle valves keep the engine from stumbling when the throttle pedal is mashed to the floor; they wont open until the airflow is sufficient enough to force them to.The base calibration uses springs that stage, or allow the mixture to become rich, when the manifold vacuum drops to 5 in-Hg.

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Carb tuning Poor performance after several days.
Metering Rod Removal, if you havent started already, its almost time to remove your car covers, dust off your hot rod, and get it ready for john deere 1050 parts manual pdf car shows, cruising and racing.Springs in the calibration kit are color-coded; blue, 3 in-Hg; yellow, 4; orange, 5; pink, 7; silver,.Removal of old carburetor.Finally, spring for a new fuel filter, air cleaner element, and check the idle speed and mixture.As a rule, use the highest 50 percent of the real powerband.Additional tuning part.Check fuel pressure with a gauge, and follow the guidelines for the carburetor and application.Depending on the type of air filter used, clean or change it regularly; the same goes for the fuel filter.Be sure not to select rpm higher than the engines useful powerband.In the meantime, here are some other options available: Visit an, advance Auto Parts store, sign up for.